VR game "Crumbling" takes you back to childhood days

VR game

February 3, 2023:

Ole Jürgensen has announced a new release date for his VR game Crumbling. The colorful roguelike with action figures will be released on Steam VR and Meta Quest 2 in summer 2023.

The latest trailer shows new bizarre enemies like an udder-shooting cow (see below).


In "Crumbling" for Meta Quest (2) and SteamVR, you move a small sword warrior directly through a diorama. A PSVR 2 version could follow.

Yuki has shown how much fun it is to hold the game heroine directly in your hand like an action figure. The VR game Crumbling approaches the principle a bit differently: Instead of shooting into the distance via continuous fire, you attack in small dioramas with your sword. Here, too, there are special abilities like fiery explosion attacks. However, the focus is on close combat against the hordes of the "Evil Corp" attacking with briefcases.

The indie title is being developed by Ole Jürgensen aka Team Crumbling with the support of a funding program from Gamecity Hamburg in Germany. After a demo for PC headsets, there is now also a trial version for Meta Quest 2 in the App Lab. It is also available on Steam, but only for Rift S for now.

Crumbling: Cuddly VR game for Meta Quest (2)

In keeping with the rogue-like concept, Crumbling gradually gets trickier. Through portals, you slip into increasingly challenging arenas with some fat boss opponents. In between, you'll unlock upgrades and special abilities, including a frost shock to freeze the scurrying cephalopods.

The gameplay brings back memories of childhood days, and even more so than Yuki. With the VR headset on my nose, I dash over small hills with the character in my hand. Taking cover is also bitterly necessary to avoid the projectiles of the spiky bats.



The dodging is already particularly well solved: With exaggeratedly fast arm movements, the hero lags behind. This forces you to learn the right timing for dodges. Besides, you have to wait for the inertia of the animation before you can strike.

A Rogue-like game for PlayStation VR 2?

In the short demo in front of the castle and the mountains, only one warrior can be yanked out of his package. The desire to collect new figures serves as the central drive. In the virtual grocer's store, the main menu already motivates to play around, similar to Yuki's nursery. A comic story with an English storyteller is also already included.

The complete game will be released in 2022 in the App Lab and on Steam. When asked, Jürgensen revealed that he is considering a later implementation for PlayStation VR 2. Head here for the latest Crumbling demo on the App Lab and on Steam.