Meta Quest 2: Meta is looking for the million dollar game idea

Meta Quest 2: Meta is looking for the million dollar game idea

The big breakthrough for virtual reality as a gaming medium has yet to happen. That's why Meta is looking for ingenious game ideas.

A few weeks ago, I argued that VR gaming now primarily needs one thing: a megahit. Something of the caliber of Pokémon Go, Minecraft, Roblox or Fortnite. A game with viral character that can only be experienced with VR glasses. A real gaming hit would attract more people to virtual reality than the best high-end VR headsets and it probably wouldn't have to look like the most beautiful game in the world.

That's easier said than done, which is why Meta is looking for VR game ideas that could take over the world. More than 1,200 responses came in on Twitter before the post was deleted for obvious reasons.

Just imagine the million dollar idea being recommended in a tweet, yet it's already in development at some studio. Have fun with the lawsuit. Moreover, the tweet could also be interpreted as an admission that Meta itself simply can't think of anything. It just doesn't come across as professional.

Anway: I've picked out a few interesting suggestions. Decide for yourself and write your own game ideas in the comments section.

Travel through time and explore worlds

Twitter user Matthew Craig Evert dreams of a game that accurately reproduces historical events and in which you can relive historical events and eras. In other words, a kind of time travel.

Joanfihu wants to explore open worlds without the constraint of completing tasks or fighting. "Imagine traveling to Mars, Jupiter, or a cyberpunk city."

Tanja Utunen has something similar in mind, but with a stronger focus on education: People could visit the Seven Wonders of the World in virtual reality and visit sections that are normally closed to tourists. There are already plenty of VR travel apps, but they still need to improve their content and implementation.

Experience the real and the unreal

Twitter user Roo would like to see a full life simulation where you start as a baby and master life's challenges, make important decisions and pursue a career. It sounds interesting, but would be immensely costly.

Phylum Sinter has the opposite in mind: Virtual reality should offer experiences that wouldn't be possible in real life. Making us feel like an animal or in spaces that would normally be unimaginable. "For realism, we have Meatspace, after all," the Twitter user says.


Elden Ring VR with body engagement? I'd love to!

Rarth's vision is an asymmetrical game that VR and 2D players play together. Those playing on screen take on the role of a heroic Master Chief character, while VR players take on the role of Cortana, the AI. "You play together and develop a close bond over a great campaign."

VR Bug hopes for a VR game in the style of the Dark Souls series, with "great combat that never gets boring." So an "Until You Fall" with more weapons, dungeons, enemies and bosses. An Elden Ring that you play with your whole body? That would certainly sell.

Joe LaBallister hopes for full-fledged games with narrative focus instead of short and entertaining experiences. I wonder if he knows that Meta is desperately looking for studios to develop narrative-rich VR games?

If all that isn't enough, Meta can always market Beat Saber or produce spin-offs. For example, a miniature version that you play with your fingers. Every so often, it doesn't take big ideas for big success.

I've also been thinking about what the first big VR megahit might look like. In the article, I argue that it will likely have three features.

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