Magic Leap 2: Video shows dimming feature in action

Magic Leap 2: Video shows dimming feature in action

Magic Leap 2 will be released in a few weeks. A developer video shows the most exciting new hardware feature of the AR headset.

Magic Leap can artificially darken the transparent display so that digital or dark AR elements appear more contrasty in bright environments.

In this way, the AR headset counteracts one of the biggest drawbacks of transparent AR optics: the relatively low luminosity of current AR displays. The company calls this new hardware feature "dimming."

The AR headset supports global and segmented dimming. In the former, the entire environment is dimmed, in the latter, only the area where digital elements appear. Both are currently controlled by the respective application and happen automatically. The aim is to use the headset outdoors, in conference rooms, or in the operating room.

Magic Leap 2 dimming works seamlessly

XR developer, Youtuber and founder of the startup LearnXR Dilmer Valecillos has had a Magic Leap 2 at home for some time and has experimented extensively with the AR headset.

In a video posted on Linkedin, Valecillos shows global dimming in action. He uses the controller to smoothly adjust the effect from 100 to 0 percent. The dynamic, app-controlled dimming is turned off. The video was recorded with a camera pointed at the lens.

Video: Dilmer Valecillos

You can see in the video that the background is clearly, though not completely, hidden. Texts become more legible and AR objects look more solid.


Dimming is an intermediate solution

The video matches first impressions of testers, according to which bright light still shines through, but objects disappear behind a dark veil. A complete darkening of the environment, like VR headsets offer, is not possible.

As great as the dimming function is, it is technically an interim solution until stronger and more energy-efficient AR displays, for example, based on MicroLEDs, find their way into augmented reality devices.

Magic Leap 2 will be released on September 30, 2022. The US price is between $3,299 and $4,999, depending on the package. More information about the new AR headset can be found in our Magic Leap 2 info article.