Hot data from Mars, hot moves with Sony & cooling off in a monastery

Hot data from Mars, hot moves with Sony & cooling off in a monastery

The heat isn't making VR any more interesting right now, so it's no wonder we're looking for this week's news with a magnifying glass. But there are a few you don't want to miss.

Samsung: "Stop our XR headset, Apple has shown something better"

The hot news surrounding Apple's Vision Pro has apparently caused Samsung to put the brakes on its own "extended reality" project and postpone production. All internal specifications are being reviewed, including the design and panels of the new XR headset.

But Apple is no stranger to delays: The complex design of the Vision Pro led to technical difficulties in production, which is why significantly fewer units will be produced. A European launch is not expected until winter 2024.

The HTC Vive Cosmos is completely gone. For me, the sadness about this is within limits.

Hopefully, the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset will bring more joy to PC VR enthusiasts this year. Ex-Oculus CTO John Carmack has given his first verdict.

With the new body trackers from Sony, you can now enjoy dancing in VR. They may not be cheap, but if you really want to show off some hot moves in VRChat, this is one device you might want to check out.


The Late Lord GabeN and VR in the Brewing Cellar

After a long, long time, Steam has finally brought automatic controller mapping to SteamVR. So if you wish to play VR games like Rooms of Realities or Nitro Nation VR with exotic VR controllers, you should have fewer button mapping problems in the future.

Hardly anyone wants to put their head under their VR headset when it is this hot. If you do, make sure you do it in a cool environment, like the brewing cellar of the Andechs Monastery Brewery.

NASA must have air-conditioned rooms for their VR visualizations of the much hotter red planet. That makes me a little jealous.