Sony Mocopi mobile body trackers are now available in the US

Sony Mocopi mobile body trackers are now available in the US

Sony's mobile motion capture technology is now available in the US, making VRChat body tracking quick and easy.

Mocopi is a lightweight solution for full-body tracking to animate your avatar in VRChat and Cluster. Sony recently announced this low-cost alternative to HTC Vive or Tundra trackers is now available for pre-order in the US.

As a mobile system, it could be a good solution for standalone VR headsets, and Sony says Mocopi is compatible with the Meta Quest platform, so it should work with Meta's Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro. Mocopi also works with PC VR systems.

Meta's full-body tracking solution is making good progress but is still being researched.

Price and delivery date

Sony's Mocopi is priced at $449, has six trackers, and comes with a charging case. That makes the cost per tracker $74.83, a little more than half that of a Vive tracker.

Sony's mobile tracking solution eliminates the need for Base Stations for Quest users, further reducing the cost of a complete system. Of course, PC VR users usually need Base Stations to track the headset and controllers anyway.


Sony says delivery is estimated to be as early as July 14, 2023, so you could use Mocopi within a couple of weeks if you pre-order soon.

An iPhone running iOS 15.7.1 or later, or an Android phone with Android 11 or later is required. Sony's website lists iPhone SE 3, iPhone 12 or newer, and Xperia models as supported. That list seems overly restrictive and we've asked Sony for confirmation.

Mocopi can also be used as a motion-capture system for Unity and Unreal Engine or to record avatar videos from a smartphone. You can see Mocopi in action in Sony's video below.

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