Nitro Nation brings drag racing to VR

Nitro Nation brings drag racing to VR

Nitro Nation VR is all about fast-paced drag racing with manual tuning. Behind the VR game is the maker of a survival hit.

2023 has already seen a few major virtual reality motorsports releases - for example, the free PSVR 2 mode for Gran Turismo 7 or in F1 23. The SteamVR game Nitro Nation VR, on the other hand, focuses entirely on acceleration races (drag races) and car tuning.

The indie title's long straights take you to a futuristic city with dynamic day/night changes. There you compete in the single-player career or duel online opponents. Between events, customize your racing machine, garage, and avatar.

SteamVR racing game from experienced team

There are no turns on the short race tracks. Reaction speed alone determines how effectively players bring the power of their cars to the road.

The VR game is an adaptation of the mobile game of the same name by the same company - CM Games. VR gamers know them from the survival hit Into the Radius.

CM Games redesigned the controls from the ground up for virtual reality. This is especially noticeable in the cockpit. Sensitive shifting and operating the onboard computer with motion controllers play an important role. Even subtleties like mirrors can be adjusted with virtual hands.


Chances are that all this will be intuitive. Into the Radius requires disassembling and cleaning weapons and equipment. The Nitro Nation VR trailer features a character manually increasing tire pressure and taking tuning parts out of the box, which are also manually attached in the engine bay.

Licensed vehicles in the game include the Nissan GT-R 2021 Track Edition and the Jaguar XE SV Project 8. Like Demeo or Blaston, Nitro Nation VR incorporates a social multiplayer lobby.

"Have fun with your friends or find new ones. Race or chill in the lobby, play mini-games, show off your car and your style, challenge racers, listen to music and celebrate car culture with the others," promises material from the developer.

Arrive at the race track early

The developer invites interested parties on Discord and Reddit to join the upcoming multiplayer test for free. The first test games should start this week. For now, the PC VR game only supports Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro, which are connected to the gamer's PC via Air Link.

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