SteamVR Update finally provides automatic controller assignments

SteamVR Update finally provides automatic controller assignments

Even exotic VR controllers should now work automatically with many SteamVR games.


Valve wants to make it easier for users to get into VR games. With the release of version 1.26 SteamVR has got the possibility to automatically assign controller layouts.

Even if developers have not assigned the buttons and triggers of a controller, players will be able to start the game with an automatic assignment. In doing so, it imitates a different controller expected by the game.

More compatible controllers for SteamVR

"Now, when a game is missing a binding for your controller, SteamVR will automatically create a new binding," Valve explains, "configure it based on a more common controller, and set it to simulate that controller type. Controller driver developers can specify a list of different controllers they want to be able to use bindings from, as well as directions on how to remap from one controller to another."

For example, if there is only one mapping for Oculus Touch, SteamVR will map the actions from the trigger grip to the grip button on the WMR controller. Once developers add a native mapping, Steam will switch to it. This feature will support all titles that use OpenXR and SteamVR inputs.



This should make things easier for developers, as many controllers will now work right out of the box with new games. If you don't like Valve's many default remapping, you can overwrite them. Classic manual configuration is still available.

Other new features include fine-tuning of button positioning in the room, as well as technical improvements. You can find the complete changelog for Steam VR 1.26 behind the link.

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