Dungeons of Eternity is a co-op action RPG developed by Oculus veterans

Dungeons of Eternity is a co-op action RPG developed by Oculus veterans

Dungeons of Eternity is coming soon to Meta Quest.

For a long time, there have been few co-op games on Meta Quest that offer fun and short bursts of action. This is starting to change. I'm thinking of Drop Dead: The Cabin, Everslaught Invasion, Citadel, and this week's Hellsweeper.

Also in this vein is Dungeons of Eternity, which you can play alone or with up to two friends. The game is a classic action RPG in which you fight your way through randomly generated castle ruins, crypts, and caverns using a sword and shield, bow and arrow, magic staffs, and more. The dungeons are made up of 100 different chambers containing not only enemies, but puzzles, traps and secret rooms.

Created by Oculus veterans

Battles are physics-based and will challenge you physically. There are no classes; instead, your play style and appearance are determined by your loadout, upgrades, and other character customization options. The weapons you'll find in the dungeons are randomly generated and numerous. You can also find blueprints and use them to create new weapons.

Dungeons of Eternity will be released in October for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro. You can already pre-order it at a discounted price in the Meta Quest Store and unlock cosmetic items. The regular price is $29.99.


The dungeon crawler is the first VR game from Othergate, a studio founded by former Oculus employees Ryan Rutherford, Andrew Welch, Fabio Brasiliense and Pärtel Lang. The team worked on tech demos and Oculus Studios titles and created the VR franchise Dead and Buried.

You can keep up to date and get in touch with the developers on the studio's Discord server.

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