Meta launches co-op action adventure "Citadel" for Horizon Worlds

Meta launches co-op action adventure

Meta's new VR game Citadel is an action-adventure, shooter, platformer, and roguelite all in one. For one or two players.

The game consists of 30 rooms of increasing difficulty, each with a new challenge. You'll have to take down enemies, solve puzzles, and avoid pits and traps. You can play alone or with a friend in co-op mode.

As you make your way through the citadel, you'll find hidden relics, unlock weapons, and earn credits to purchase new armor with features that give you more hit points, number of lives, or speed. Once you have conquered all the rooms, the more challenging Veteran mode awaits.

The work on Citadel will continue after the launch: Meta promises new quests, expansions and features, thanks to which the game should remain interesting.

Citadel is the second marquee title for Horizon Worlds

The new game is part of Meta's Horizon Worlds metaverse platform, which allows users to create their own worlds using in-game tools.

Because the platform is struggling to retain users, Meta created a first-party studio, Ouro Interactive, to develop high-quality experiences for Horizon Worlds. The multiplayer shooter Super Rumble, released six weeks ago, is the studio's first product and has been well received by the press and players.

Meta didn't reveal whether Citadel was also developed by Ouro Interactive or by a third-party studio under contract by Meta.


Whichever studio developed Citadel, they likely had access to more advanced development tools that Meta hasn't yet made available to regular creators. These include the ability to import 3D assets and code in Typescript, resulting in better graphics and more complex gameplay.

Horizon Worlds is only supported in 7 countries

Horizon Worlds has been painfully slow to roll out to other countries since its launch in North America. The platform launched in the US and Canada in December 2021, the UK in June 2022, Ireland and Iceland in July 2022, and France and Spain in August 2022. No new countries have been added since.

Possible availability in other countries will be announced at Meta Connect 2023. A flat version of Horizon Worlds for smartphones and browsers may also be released soon and is currently in closed beta.

Super Rumble and Citadel are just the "first of many experiences to come that leverage improved graphics, deeper gameplay, and quests and rewards systems to reimagine what Worlds can be," Meta writes on the Meta Quest blog.

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