Meta's next-gen Horizon Worlds gets gaming, a mobile app, and AI

Meta's next-gen Horizon Worlds gets gaming, a mobile app, and AI

Meta launched a new multiplayer shooter within Horizon Worlds, and that's not all — a mobile app for cross-platform play and AI tools are next.

Meta recently announced a compelling multiplayer shooter that's available right now in Horizon Worlds. If you're expecting a flat and uninspiring design, you might be surprised by the interesting and beautiful design of the scenery as well as the fast-action gaming.

Meta is also working on a mobile app to allow cross-platform gaming, expanding participation to anyone with a phone. As if that weren't enough, generative AI tools might help build new worlds in Horizon.

Super Rumble for Horizon Worlds

Meta announced Super Rumble, a free-for-all shooter, in today's Quest Blog. The game was beta tested in May, showcasing greatly improved imported graphics and new scripting tools for Horizon Worlds. The game proved popular enough that Meta continued working on it, refining and expanding the world and game dynamics.

Super Rumble is available now in Horizon Worlds. Two to six players compete in five-minute matches. Plenty of weapons and powers provide variety and allow you to refine your strategy.

Check out Getting Things Dun's gameplay video below. You can immediately see that the graphics are much improved.

Horizon Worlds mobile app

One of Horizon Worlds' most significant problems is a lack of visitors. That could change, according to Meta's metaverse VP Vishal Shah. Janko Roettger of Lowpass newsletter spoke with Shah about Super Rumble and other Horizon Worlds news.

Meta has previously mentioned plans to make a mobile app for Horizon Worlds. Meta developed the mobile app but didn't release it. Shah said, "We ended up not shipping it," adding, "It was a little bit too much of a VR game on mobile as opposed to a mobile-native experience."

A new version that works with Super Rumble is in development, providing cross-platform play between Quest VR and mobile phone users. That should make it easier to connect with friends in Horizon Worlds.

Horizon Worlds and AI

Meta is the manufacturer of the Quest 2 and upcoming Quest 3 headsets, but the company is also an AI powerhouse. However, its generative AI and VR teams have yet to collaborate. It seems like an oversight, but Meta is already aware of the potential.


Shah shared that Meta is "investing in generative AI tools for creation." AI tools could significantly accelerate the pace of building the metaverse.

While developers created Super Rumble with professional tools, AI might allow anyone to build richer 3D environments for Horizon Worlds with text prompts.

Horizon Worlds struggles

It's no secret that Horizon Worlds has so far failed to capture interest. Meta has tried various incentives like quests and rewards, opening the doors of Horizon Worlds in Europe, and lowering the minimum age to 13.

Insider information suggests only one in ten people return to Horizon Worlds, making it clear that Meta has to do more.

Designing for Horizon Worlds was relatively easy but too simplistic. Game developers expect robust 3D modeling tools and advanced development environments.

By opening up Horizon Worlds to better design tools, richer environments and improved interactivity should be possible. Super Rumble is a great example, and hopefully, more games and places like this will arrive soon.

With a mobile app and AI in the works, Horizon Worlds could make a fast recovery. It's definitely worth taking another look.


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