Drop Dead: The Cabin offers relentlessly fun co-op action on Quest 2

Drop Dead: The Cabin offers relentlessly fun co-op action on Quest 2

What is twice as good as a zombie shooter? A zombie shooter that you can play with a friend. Drop Dead: The Cabin fully delivers on that promise.

For Meta Quest 2, there are very few co-op shooters where you fight monsters, such as After the Fall. That's surprising, because those types of games are so much fun, as a friend and I found out when we played Drop Dead: The Cabin.

The game throws you into the eponymous cabin in the woods and a scenario inspired by horror classics of the 80s such as Evil Dead and Friday the 13th.

The cabin turns out to be a hidden zombie testing ground, and soon the forest and your dwelling are invaded by hordes of the undead. You'll find weapons and ammo, of course, but also axes and knives to help you fight for survival.

The Roguelite mechanics keep you motivated

The carnage begins in the hut, but later you can venture out and explore the surrounding area. As you kill zombies, you'll earn research points that can be used to unlock containers of ammunition and weapons, as well as doors and new areas of the game world.

Aside from pure survival, there are also objectives: The overall goal is to power up a generator and keep it running so that help can arrive.

As you fight the zombies, you will inevitably fall sooner or later. However, you'll earn experience points that you can use to permanently improve your character and weapons.

You'll need these upgrades because the game is damn hard: in the few hours we played, we didn't get very far and were overwhelmed by the waves of zombies after twenty minutes at the latest. If you want to see everything and master the game, you're going to play a lot.


Frantic shooting and laughter

Drop Dead: The Cabin is a frantic, hysterical shooter game that often leads to hilarious situations. For example, when a colleague falls down a ladder and tries to escape the surrounding zombies while screaming. Meanwhile, the progression system motivates to go for another run. And another. And another.

However, the game has some performance problems. With such a large number of zombies, Meta Quest 2 breaks out in a noticeable sweat, which manifests itself in an unstable frame rate. The animations of the zombies also look choppy and jerky, which in combination with poor collision detection sometimes leads to unintentionally funny scenes. But hey, the game doesn't take itself too seriously anyway.

The bottom line is that Drop Dead: The Cabin offers uncomplicated and action-packed co-op action for short or long play sessions, and thus fills a gap in the Meta Quest 2 game offering.

The studio's dedication to the game is commendable, as they have released several patches and tweaks to the game since its launch in February. The first content update will be released in the spring, adding a new zone and difficulty level for the most hardcore zombie hunters.

Buy Drop Dead: The Cabin here

Drop Dead: The Cabin is available in the Meta Quest Store for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The VR game costs 24.99 euros.

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