Cyberpunk 2077: This is how it looks in virtual reality

Cyberpunk 2077: This is how it looks in virtual reality

GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 and soon Cyberpunk 2077: modder Luke Ross brings big 2D hits to VR. A video foretaste.

The VR mod for Cyberpunk 2077 was announced at the end of 2021 and should be released in January. On his Patreon page, Ross writes that the VR mod will definitely be released at the end of next week - come what may. "I hope that everything will work correctly by then, but even if it doesn't, most of the game will be playable in VR," Ross writes.

The modder demonstrates the current state in a new Youtube video. Ross walks, drives, and fights his way through Night City, demonstrating the gameplay elements that required adaptation to VR. Special attention was paid to the HUD interactions, which fit in the 3D world and thus do not tear out of the experience.

Ross did not program in controls for VR controllers. Here, as with his other VR mods, a keyboard and mouse or gamepad is required.

"Runs amazingly well" - on a high-end box

Night City should also really pack a punch in virtual reality."The views are just majestic. Hats off to the designers. Free roaming around Night City gives me strong GTA V vibes, but with next-gen graphics and much more "verticality" to the city. This really needs to be seen in the headset! A video cannot do it justice properly," Ross writes.

This graphics splendor comes at a price. Ross plays with a Core i9-9900K and a RTX 3090 and thus manages a stable 80 to 90 frames per second at a resolution of 2,700 by 2,700 pixels.

The modder recommends setting most graphics settings to low because the game looks so natural in VR. Special effects like distortions, heat haze, and AR elements are rendered correctly in stereoscopic 3D, Ross writes.


Braindance: "Worth the purchase in itself"

Driving feels excellent, especially in the gaze perspective. You can look around freely and the interiors of the vehicles offer much more detail than in GTA 5, Ross says.

Even Braindance works normally. In this gameplay and experience mode, you see and experience the world through the eyes of another character. "It this were your usual title made for VR, Braindance mode alone would justify full price for the game IMO," Ross says.

The VR mod is reserved for his Patreon supporters, who get access to it and other VR mods for $10 a month, as well as support for technical issues. For VorpX users, a free alternative will be available at release.

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