In this Meta Quest 2 VR game you control a giant battle mech

In this Meta Quest 2 VR game you control a giant battle mech

The massive mech shooter Vox Machinae is coming for Meta Quest 2. The Quest version starts from the get-go with a story mode.

On Steam, the gigantic steel warriors of Vox Machinae have already been trudging through Early Access since 2018, with crossplay between monitor and VR headsets. On March 3, 2022, developer Space Bullet will release version 1.0, and at the same time Meta Quest 2 will also get a version of the massive mech game.

Up to 16 players fight each other in multiplayer battles, online or in the local network. It is not yet clear whether you will be able to play with the same number of players on the Quest. Crossplay with the PC version has also not yet been confirmed.

Vox Machinae: Mech action as a VR game

Sometimes you'll capture factories in the desolate planetary landscape, elsewhere you'll mine important machines. In all modes, players can form squads of two to four players, so that as many friends as possible can play together.

Many customizations to the combat robots should make the mech excursions permanently interesting. Over time, you equip your steel machine with lasers, cannons and missiles. The developers clearly distance themselves from lootboxes or "microtransaction nonsense".


To make simulation fans feel comfortable, the controls are based on an intensive integration of motion control - with everything that goes with it. From turning the key to numerous levers to the radio, many things are touched, pressed and turned directly with the motion controllers. Heavy controllers like in the mech classic Steel Battalion might not become superfluous in Virtual Reality, the haptics are still missing, but at least they are better replaced by hand controls than by conventional gamepads.

Story mode at launch on Meta Quest 2

Just in time for the launch on March 3, the new single-player campaign will start in both the PC and Quest versions. The story puts you in a small transporter that drops you off on snowy or scorching hot planets.

Some environments have been recycled from the multiplayer, others newly added. During battles, the rough terrain will be especially challenging: If you're not careful, you could become easy prey in exposed locations.

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