Buy Pico 4 and get six VR games for free

Buy Pico 4 and get six VR games for free

The new VR headset Pico 4 is now available in a Christmas bundle with six VR games, including the classic Walkabout Minigolf.

This Christmas, consumers in select markets will be able to choose from two relatively affordable standalone VR headsets. The Pico 4 (review) launched in October and the more established Meta Quest 2 (Review).

Competition is good for consumers, and both companies are enticing customers with special Christmas offers. Meta is giving away Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber, the most successful and best-known VR game ever. Pico answers with six titles under the Christmas tree.

Pico 4 Christmas Bundle: A good app mix

If you now think that we are talking about six throw-away apps, you are mistaken. Pico made a good selection of high-quality VR games. There should be something for every taste:

  • For sports enthusiasts and those who want to be: Les Mills Body Combat in VR, one of the best fitness apps for virtual reality, and All-In-One Sports VR, a sort of Wii Sports for VR.
  • For fans of shooters and co-op action, After The Fall is like Left 4 Dead, only in VR and with ice zombies.
  • For fans of fantasy and role-playing games: the action JPRG RUINSMAGUS, in which you throw spells around as a novice mage.
  • For short but crisp VR sessions, with company or alone: the VR classic Walkabout Minigolf (info).
  • For puzzle addicts: the idyllic puzzle game Shores of Loci (review).

According to Pico, the VR games are worth a total of about $160. That Christmas offer seems more generous than Meta's.


Pico 4, Meta Quest 2, or no VR headset at all?

To get the six VR games for free, you have to activate the Pico headset by January 10, 2023. Otherwise the vouchers expire.

Finally, there is only one question left to answer. Which of the two VR headsets should you get? Our hardware expert Ben compared the two headsets. He thinks that the Pico 4 has more modern hardware, but the overall package is not completely convincing.

It might also be worth waiting another year to buy VR glasses. PSVR 2 (info) and a new generation of VR headsets including Meta Quest 3 will be released in 2023. And who knows: Pico 5?