In Shores of Loci you assemble magical mystical places in VR

In Shores of Loci you assemble magical mystical places in VR

Shores of Loci for Meta Quest and SteamVR brings the puzzle principle of Puzzling Places to an idyllic, animated fantasy world.

Stone giants, a forgotten world, and giant puzzle pieces with serene landscapes: The VR game Shores of Loci has some ingredients for a relaxing, mystical puzzle experience. The puzzle game by MikeTeevee has been available in Early Access for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets since the end of May.

The title cleverly plays on the strengths of virtual reality as a medium: one obvious advantage is the size of the virtual locations, which is much more impressive under the VR headset than on a TV or monitor.

Fantastic landscape puzzles for Meta Quest and SteamVR

At its core, this is a classic puzzle game. Instead of flat puzzle pieces, however, you'll be putting together pieces of places that together create a pretty village on a hillside or lakeside.

Puzzling Places probably serves as a model: As the name suggests, you can assemble detailed photogrammetry models of real places or objects in the game. The motifs can also be found on postcards thanks to their pretty picture composition - including the monastery mountain Mont-Saint-Michel.

Shores of Loci shifts this puzzle principle to a surreal, mysterious world where players meet characters like stone giants.


The giants and their small human neighbors need the support of the main character in the multidimensional story: you have to help them rebuild their "forgotten land". With each puzzle solved, the locations become more lively over time, which is a nice detail. Among them are picturesque settlements, crystal castles, multiple branching lighthouses and surreal nested modern buildings.

Build your own world in Shores of Loci

How players approach their world-building tasks is up to them. The puzzles can be tackled in parallel and in any order. The assembling of the matching fragments to calm music is accompanied by pretty little fireworks that are romantically reflected in the sea. Eerie events such as the appearance of an all-devouring black hole also add variety to the staging.

You assemble the puzzle locations with motion controllers, Hand tracking is not planned yet. Shores of Loci is now available in Early Access for Meta Quest 2 via App Lab and PC-VR via Steam.

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