Apple Vision Pro gets its first major VR game

Apple Vision Pro gets its first major VR game

The popular tabletop strategy game Demeo comes to Apple Vision Pro offering hours of co-op dungeon crawling.


The Vision Pro version of Demeo offers two game modes that you can switch between at any time without interrupting the gameplay.

  • Fully immersive: This mode corresponds to the VR version of the game and is optimized for the Vision Pro's eye and hand tracking input.
  • Windowed mode (2D): This mode corresponds to the flatscreen version of the game. Players can use other apps at the same time or play with a gamepad.

Since the game supports cross-play, Vision Pro users can play Demeo with friends playing on a Mac, iPad or any other supported platform.

Demeo is now available on the App Store for $40. Those who purchase the game will receive the Mac and iPad version as well.


Demeo is one of VR's biggest IPs

Demeo is a turn-based tabletop strategy game with RPG elements. Up to four players embark on one of five adventures in the fantasy realm of Gilmerra and choose one of seven available hero classes, each with unique abilities. Demeo is a fully-fledged game that offers dozens of hours of challenging gameplay.

The game is available as a VR version for Meta Quest, Pico, SteamVR, Playstation VR 2 and now Vision Pro, as well as a flat screen version for Steam, Playstation 5, Mac and iPad. The game supports cross-play between all platforms. The mixed reality game mode is currently only supported by Meta Quest and Pico.


Demeo is one of the most popular VR games and was developed by the Swedish studio Resolution Games, which also developed other popular VR titles such as Blaston, Bait! and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. Demeo Battles is a PVP spin-off of the brand that launched last year. In addition to Demeo, Resolution Games also released Game Room, a collection of six classic social games, for Vision Pro.

Resolution Games is currently working on the first official D&D VR game.