Resolution Games is developing the first official D&D VR game

Resolution Games is developing the first official D&D VR game

A dream comes true: Resolution Games and Wizards of the Coast announce the development of the world's first officially licensed D&D VR game.


The two companies announced a collaboration to create the first officially licensed D&D Game built exclusively for virtual reality. There are currently no images or details available about the project.

"Resolution Games has a clear understanding of how to bring players together and capture the fun of tabletop gaming on digital platforms in an accessible way," said Eugene Evans, SVP Digital Strategy and Licensing at Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. "The studio is an ideal partner to bring a new 'Dungeons & Dragons' video game to life in VR and beyond."

"As anyone who's played Demeo can guess, we're incredibly huge fans of tabletop roleplaying games," said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. "They have an unparalleled power to bring people together to create shared experiences, and that's something we've tried to capture, too, with nearly every release in our library. Dungeons & Dragons offers one of the richest fantasy worlds that has ever been created, and it only gets bigger with every new sourcebook and adventure. We're beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP and look forward to sharing the first details of this new project in the future."



Resolution Games is one of the best VR studios in the world, responsible for titles such as Cook-Out, Blaston, Demeo and Demeo Battles, and most recently Racket Club.


The Swedish studio's biggest hit to date is the tabletop RPG Demeo, which is heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Being able to develop the first officially licensed VR game in the D&D universe is a big step forward for Resolution Games.

If you are not familiar with Wizards of The Coast: The company is owned by the US conglomerate Hasbro and, in addition to Dungeons & Dragons, also publishes the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.