Game Room is one of the first VR games for Vision Pro

Game Room is one of the first VR games for Vision Pro

Resolution Games has just announced its first game for Vision Pro, built from the ground up for Apple's headset.


The VR game is called Game Room and is a collection of classic board and card games adapted to the capabilities of the Vision Pro. The games included are

  • Chess - the strategy board game of pawns and kings for two players (play with others in real-time or with turn based correspondence on your own schedule)
  • Solitaire - organize cards into ordered piles in the best-known version of solitaire
  • Hearts - a trick-taking card game of collecting suits and shooting the moon
  • Yacht - roll the dice and rack up the points in this six-sided twist on poker
  • Sea Battle - sink enemy ships before they sink yours

Resolution Games describes Game Room as follows:

Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Apple Vision Pro to transform the space around players and merge the physical and virtual worlds, Game Room brings to life realistic recreations of traditional tabletop classics such as Chess, Hearts, Solitaire, and more right into your own home with no cards or pieces required for unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

Vision Pro comes without dedicated VR controllers and is controlled solely with your eyes, hands, and voice.


For multiplayer games, players can choose between connecting with real players through FaceTime using SharePlay, Game Center Friend Invites, or Game Center Quickmatch, or battle AI competition in Game Room's selection of multiplayer card and tabletop games.

Game Room will be released for Apple Arcade at the launch of Vision on February 2, 2024 and will also be available for iPhone and iPad in addition to Vision Pro.



Resolution Games developed titles such as Blaston, Demeo and Demeo Battles, and most recently Racket Club.

The studio's most successful game yet is Demeo, which has also been announced for Vision Pro. The release date is unknown. Resolution Games is also working on a third unannounced title for Vision Pro.


It was already known that a game called Game Room would come to Vision Pro, but not that Resolution Games was behind it.

The studio recently announced that it is developing the world's first officially licensed D&D VR game, the name and release date of which have not yet been announced. It is also unknown for which platform it will be released.