Apple announces new puzzle game for Vision Pro

Apple announces new puzzle game for Vision Pro

Apple announces five new games for Apple Arcade, coming soon to the Apple Vision Pro.


Apple has announced five new games for Apple Arcade subscribers that will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro. The new titles are Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Return to Monkey Island+, Tomb of the Mask+, Fabulous Wedding Disaster+, and a spatial version of the puzzle game Where Cards Fall designed specifically for the Apple Vision Pro.

All games will be released in Apple Arcade over the next month and are free to play for subscribers, with no ads or in-app purchases. Where Cards Fall won an Apple Design Award back in 2020. The Vision Pro version features tactile, accessible controls designed specifically for the headset. Players can bring card houses to life and manipulate them with gestures.

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First Vision Pro games

With the launch of the Vision Pro in early February, Apple also released the first native games for the new platform. Unlike other VR headsets, Vision Pro relies solely on gaze and gesture control instead of controllers. This encourages developers to try new game concepts.

Only a handful of Vision Pro games were available at launch, including the puzzle games Blackbox and Puzzling Places. The board game collection Game Room, the rhythm games Super Fruit Ninja and Synth Riders, the golf game What The Golf? as well as TinyFins and Wisp are now available for the Vision Pro.


Most recently, Marvel Studios announced a "What if..." experience exclusively for Vision Pro. It puts you in the lead role of a multiverse storyline featuring variations on popular Marvel characters.