TinyFins for Vision Pro turns your living room into a Mixed Reality coral reef

TinyFins for Vision Pro turns your living room into a Mixed Reality coral reef

The TinyFins mixed reality app for Apple Vision Pro lets you move a school of fish around your home.


German development studio Ditached has released a Mixed Reality app called "TinyFins" for the Apple Vision Pro. The game transforms your physical environment into an underwater world. By moving your hands, you guide a school of cute fish through rings. The goal of the game is to collect as many rings as possible and reach higher and higher waves of enemies.

If you move your hand towards your body, the fish will come towards you. If you stretch it out, the swarm will move in the direction of your hand. A tilting movement also affects the direction. This allows you clever swimming maneuvers.

There are currently three types of enemies in the game, squid, pufferfish and sharks, which are after your school. In between the waves, you will have to collect stray fish. These are small fish that get caught in bubbles and can be added to your school.

Doing so will increase your rank and earn you experience points. You must also protect the stray fish from attackers. Once they're all caught, the game is over. You can view your fish collection, feed them, and unlock small treasures in a kind of hub in the Vision Pro Shared Space.


New features will be added to TinyFins after launch. According to the developers, a Mixed Reality aquarium is planned to replace the existing hub. TinyFins is now available in Apple's App Store for just under $5 and was developed using the Unity engine for visionOS.


TinyFins almost became a kind of Mario Party in MR

Originally, Ditached was working on a concept that would be reminiscent of Mario Party in Mixed Reality. While testing various mini-game ideas for the Vision Pro, the studio settled on the small fish game. It was so well received by early testers that they decided to turn it into a full game.

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