It's a historic day for VR as the Apple Vision Pro finally launches

It's a historic day for VR as the Apple Vision Pro finally launches

The long-awaited moment has arrived: Apple is launching its first spatial computer.

Facebook bought Oculus ten years ago. Since then, a lot has happened in the industry, which has experimented a lot and experienced countless ups and downs. Meta has become a monopoly power in this space and decade, selling well over 20 million Meta Quests and creating an ecosystem on which many small and medium-sized studios can build their existence.

For a long time, it looked like no one would seriously try to challenge Meta's VR dominance, especially since the company has invested billions in VR and AR technology and the market is still small and far from profitable for Meta.

For years, Apple has been rumored to be working on a headset. Time and time again, we hoped that the company would unveil a device. But time and time again, we waited in vain. It looked like the headset would remain a myth. Then, in the summer of 2023, Apple surprised the world and unveiled Vision Pro.

On February 2, 2024, the time has finally come: Vision Pro launches in the U.S., and once again the entire world will be watching our industry. The coming months and years will be incredibly exciting as now two tech giants battle for market dominance.

Many questions are running through my head at today's launch:

  • Will Vision Pro be a success and what are the criteria?
  • Will Vision Pro change the public's perception of VR headsets?
  • Will Vision Pro be used more than other headsets?
  • Will Vision Pro and its successors truly become a computing platform in their own right?
  • Will Vision Pro make eye and hand tracking the new standard input scheme?

I try to keep my expectations low. Anyone who has followed the VR industry over the past decade knows how slowly things move in this space.

But despite all the skepticism, I'm glad Apple finally took the plunge. I'm sure we will see the technology from a new, refreshingly different perspective, which will also breathe new life into Meta's efforts.

Impressions of the sales launch in New York

Below are some impressions from the Vision Pro launch in New York. I've also included a series of new Vision Pro videos that Apple released today to introduce users to the features of the device. And above you will find a new trailer for the Vision Pro.

New Apple Vision Pro instructional videos: