New VR games, Quest Showcase app & VR nausea research

New VR games, Quest Showcase app & VR nausea research

Our weekly recap: Some news for VR gamers and maybe some help for motion sickness.

VR gaming fans get F1 23 and more

The world's greatest racing circus returns to VR headsets with F1 23. The game is definitely coming to PC VR, but a Playstation VR 2 version has not yet been announced.

We Are One is an insider tip for Quest 2, and there's also a sequel to the dystopian VR shooter Into the Radius, as well as a graphically lavish port of Hubris for PSVR 2.

There's no big name involved, but that could change on June 1: That's when Meta plans to announce its latest VR games and hopefully reveal some big names.

New Quest Showcase App

A new showcase app "Decommissioned" demonstrates the power of social VR gaming experiences even before the showcase. The gameplay is inspired by social deduction games like Among Us. The VR port of the indie hit became one of Meta Quest 2's most successful titles in record time. You can try Deduction for free.

Artwork and lettering of the social VR showcase Decommissioned.

Bild: Meta

What helps with VR nausea?

Almost everyone who uses VR has experienced at least a mild case of VR nausea. There is no magic bullet yet, but there are always creative ways to keep your stomach stable: With appropriate music, for example.

Researchers also want to find out who is more susceptible to VR nausea. Of particular interest: Your experience with VR games may not affect your susceptibility to motion sickness.


A new era in open-source chatbots

OpenLLaMA is an open-source replica of Meta's LLaMA language model, and for the first time, it can be used commercially. The system could become the first true open-source alternative to paid offerings such as OpenAI's ChatGPT.

More AI news on THE DECODER: You can create a 3D drone flight through a NeRF via iPhone, and Google wants to launch the next generation of Google search with "Project Magi".