The PC VR game "Hubris" will look even better on Playstation VR 2

The PC VR game

The visually impressive PC VR adventure Hubris is coming to PSVR 2 this month and has been enhanced in a number of ways for the platform.

Hubris is a classic science fiction game: You're stranded on an exotic alien planet in search of a mysterious agent. You'll be able to swim, climb, jump and shoot, and you'll need to collect resources to make food and weapon upgrades. This is the only way to survive in the battle against alien creatures, droids and humanoid enemies.

The outstanding feature of the VR game is its graphics: Hubris wants to be a kind of VR Crysis and impresses with its idyllic views and ocean dives.

However, the title has weaknesses in terms of gameplay, as MIXED reviewer Jan attests in his Hubris review: Among other things, he criticized the monotonous firefights and the cumbersome crafting. What Hubris lacks is a unique selling point that would set it apart from the competition – other than the graphics, of course.

Hubris: Many enhancements coming

Hubris is getting a new start on the Playstation VR 2. With support from Sony, the studio has upgraded the VR game both technically and gameplay-wise. On the Playstation Blog, producer Koen Van den Steen promises an "unparalleled experience" and goes into detail about the improvements.

Hubris will support foveated rendering, which allows the game to be displayed at a much higher resolution. "The game’s textures and models are now several times clearer, while the frame rate remains stable," says Van den Steen.

The game will not only look better, it will feel better: Hubris has been optimized for the Playstation VR 2's haptic systems, meaning the Sense controllers and the headset's haptic feedback. Among other things, the shooting and swimming sequences will benefit from this. And thanks to 3D audio support, you'll always know which direction enemies are coming from.


PSVR 2 users love games with good graphics

The studio has also improved weapon handling and balancing, added new enemy variations and an ambient soundtrack that adapts to the gameplay.

Is all this enough to make Hubris a significantly better VR game? We'll have to wait and see.

Either way, chances are good that Hubris will be a commercial success. After all, the PSVR 2 player base is hungry for games with impressive graphics: the PC VR paddleboarding sim Kayak VR Mirage was the best-selling VR game in the launch month of the headset.

Hubris will be released in May for Playstation VR 2, but the exact date is not yet known. By the way: Red Matter 2 is another visual stunning sci-fi game coming soon to Sony's VR headset.

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Sources: Playstation Blog