A PC VR title is storming the PSVR 2 charts

A PC VR title is storming the PSVR 2 charts

Sony has published the first top downloads for Playstation VR 2. Which VR games were the most popular?

Playstation VR 2 launched worldwide on February 22, 2023. Sony's top downloads list shows the most popular titles for the month.

Sony has divided the list into North America (US and Canada) and Europe. Among the PSVR 2 games, only VR exclusive titles are listed. Therefore, you won't any 2D games with optional VR mode such as Resident Evil Village (review), No Man's Sky, and Gran Turismo 7.

As the charts for the first Playstation VR remained more or less the same for years, it is even more interesting to take a look at the top downloads for PSVR 2.

PC VR hits find second home

The top spot in both North America and Europe is held by the kayaking simulation Kayak VR: Mirage, which is known for its beautiful graphics.

List of Playstation Top Downloads.

The Playstation Top Downloads of February 2023. | Image: Sony

It's nice to see a studio that deliberately developed their game for the smaller PC VR ecosystem instead of a standalone VR (Meta Quest & Co.) now finding success on Playstation VR 2.

Its top position also shows that there is a demand for graphically rich VR games, which could encourage other studios to follow suit and push the PS5 to its limits. Sony's VR ecosystem could only benefit from this.


In second place, we find another title that has its roots in PC VR, the tactical military simulation Pavlov.

One top contender is still missing

This is followed by Sony's PSVR 2 flagship title Horizon Call of the Mountain and the Enhanced Edition of Star Wars: Tales from the Tales Galayx's Edge (review).

Moss 2 (review), which received many awards but seems to have sold rather poorly, also placed high in the charts. It looks like Moss 2 could have the success it deserves on the Playstation VR 2.

Among the most downloaded VR games are some VR classics that have been on the PSVR 1 charts for a long time: Titles like Job Simulator, Pistol Whip, and Swordsman VR. The most serious contender is missing because it hasn't been released for Playstation VR 2 yet: Beat Saber, of course.

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