VR game "We Are One": Clone Plants vs. Machines

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In the VR game "We Are One" you are literally on your own: Only your own clones can help you.

In the VR game We Are One (formerly "Help Yourself"), the past becomes an accomplice: your own clones from previous playthroughs puzzle and shoot along diligently. If the gun is empty after a few shots, I simply throw it to my future self and restart there. The time loop starts anew, I grab the thrown gun out of the air and use the ammunition at the new location.

If you can't really imagine it yet, you can try out the free prologue on Steam. An App Lab version for Meta Quest (2) as well as Sidequest is also available.

We Are One: Thinking and throwing around corners

We Are One feels pleasantly fresh in the demo version on Steam. Nasty machines threaten the existence of plant creatures. The green protagonists act as a common organism, similar to the Borg from Star Trek. Don't be put off by the somewhat plain comic design: Once the shooting and puzzling starts, the visuals only play a minor role.

Gradually, I learn to handle weapons, ammunition and destructible obstacles more and more nimbly. Sometimes I have to think outside the box to get ammunition to my future clone.


Only when the enemy robots and machine insects have been smoked out at every turn is the time puzzle considered completed - ideally, of course, with a record for the leaderboard. Sometimes a whole row of my clones next to me fires synchronously at the metal beasts. A great spectacle!

Plants vs. Machines: Self is the VR clone

The fact that I have to duck under flying saw blades adds a physical component to the game. This trick cleverly increases the sense of presence, although as a rooted plant I only switch between fixed starting points. Motion sickness is thus not an issue. A story mode, a level editor and other content are in the works for the full version in fall 2022.

Try the demo of We Are One now on Steam or on Sidequest for Meta Quest 2.

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Sources: Flat Head Studio