In this VR game from Devolver you rage as a tentacle monster

In this VR game from Devolver you rage as a tentacle monster

The VR game Tentacular puts friends of chaotic physics puzzles in the role of a giant with handy tentacles.

Since the arcade classic Rampage, there have been a lot of concepts that put gamers in the role of a gigantic monster. In virtual reality, the principle is particularly interesting, especially since the action takes place in fixed locations in a stomach-friendly way.

Tentacular from developer Firepunchd and indie publisher Devolver Digital also revolves around an actually gentle giant. From a first-person perspective, you can wreak havoc with the sticky tentacles. Most of the time, however, the monster seems to want to help out his little human charges while he hurls containers or explosive tanks across the island world. In keeping with the casual presentation, the trailer already features a commentator who imitates the chatty style of animal filmmaker David Attenborough.

Tentacular: Physical Tentacle Chaos

As part of the action-oriented activities and construction puzzles, even complete ships are stretched between power poles to abuse the cables as slingshots. The destructive frenzy is not an end in itself: the tentacled creature raised on the island of La Kalma helps the cuddly islanders explore a powerful energy source.

In the process, you sometimes act as a tentacle cab to drop your charges off on a hill. In Sandbox mode, you can unlock elements for your own playground, where you can create shaky constructions with glue balls, for example.


Idyllic destruction in virtual reality

On the official website for Tentacular, you can already click your way through the animated island world. Among other things, the website reveals that the many-armed monster is not cooperating entirely voluntarily in the exploration of the energy source. It has apparently caused so much chaos that it has no choice but to work off its debts.

Tentacular is set to launch sometime in 2022 on the Meta Quest (2) and other SteamVR VR headsets.

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