VR Giants: Asymmetrical co-op game with new graphics style and content

VR Giants: Asymmetrical co-op game with new graphics style and content

VR Giants is on the home stretch: Developer Wolfgang Tschauko releases the latest beta version and starts a Patreon project.

VR Giants is an asymmetric co-op game for two players that can be played locally on a PC or over the Internet with the remote app Parsec.

VR players slip into the role of the colossus Goliath, while PC players control the little David. The latter has to guide the protagonist through a dangerous landscape. He overcomes chasms and obstacles with the help of Goliath, who carries the fragile hero safely over ravines, lifts him onto platforms or overcomes passages with sheer strength. A new trailer (see below) shows some gameplay.

Patreon launched

VR Giants grew out of a master's thesis by Austrian developer Wolfgang Tschauko, which explores the presence of one's body in virtual reality. I first came into contact with the game in spring 2018, which was then still in an early alpha and called Goliath VR.

In 2020, the project completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. The funding allowed Tschauko to assemble a team and begin professional development of the VR game, the preliminary result of which is now available.

For the remaining funding, Tschauko is launching a Patreon project. Supporters will receive access to the current beta version of the game for 4.5 euros per month. Five months of support or more will secure a copy of the finished game.


VR Giants: What the beta version offers

The beta version lets you play the first chapter of the game and offers the following content:

  • 4 biomes with different game mechanics
  • 3 different giants (Fixed, Temporary, Lava)
  • 7 levels
  • about 2 hours of entertainment

The beta version also comes with a new graphics style.

According to Tschauko, the game is in the final stage of production. When it will be finished is unclear and depends on Patreon funding. Those who want to try out VR Giants for free can do so with the Steam demo.

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