Virtual Destruction: In this VR simulation you learn how to use a sledgehammer

Virtual Destruction: In this VR simulation you learn how to use a sledgehammer

In Sledge Destruction Simulator, you'll deal with how a wide variety of objects react to a sledgehammer.

The VR app is trimmed for realism: The sledgehammer drags a bit as it swings to simulate a feeling of inertia, and hit objects shatter or collapse depending on what they're made of. The effects of destruction are not pre-animated, but are calculated physically. This means that objects break in a new way every time.

In addition to the sledgehammer, there is a fist and a machine gun at the ready, and more than 40 different objects can be beamed into the virtual space and disassembled into their individual parts as often as you like.

Since everything is physically simulated, the act of destruction will be without consequences, and you won't have to clean up anything afterwards. Just make sure that you remove physical furniture from your play area.

The pleasure of destruction

What is it about this simulation that is fascinating? I think it's more the pleasure of observing physical forces than the ability to be destructive or cause damage. After all, nothing really breaks.

Turning something ordered into something disordered: That fascinated me even as a child. Constructing a building out of building blocks was sometimes just as much fun as taking it down again afterwards.


Games in which you can realistically destroy objects or entire parts of the environment are unfortunately still rare. Especially in VR. Physical calculations of this kind are complex and require a lot of CPU power. It is all the more surprising that the destruction simulator runs on the aged Meta Quest 1.

Available at Sidequest and soon at the App Lab

Sledge Destruction Simulator is developed by David Montecalvo, who has programmed one or two interesting VR and AR experiments. On Sidequest, he offers quest apps that turn your home into a haunted house or a jungle full of predators, as well as outdoor VR mini-games for play areas of up to 2,500 square feet.

Sledge Destruction Simulator is available from Sidequest at $4.99. The developer has also submitted the VR app to the App Lab and is currently awaiting approval.

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