Meta Quest (2): This VR game teaches you how to sail

Meta Quest (2): This VR game teaches you how to sail

MarineVerse Cup brings sailboat racing to the Meta Quest (2). Despite authentic handhelds, even first-timers should feel at home.

Sailing is for everyone: That is the motto of MarineVerse Cup. According to the studio, the VR game with sailboats for Meta Quest (2) is aimed at professionals and beginners likewise. In a trailer, it becomes clear that the handling is based on real models.

Competitive, realistic sailing in Early Access

The graphical presentation cannot hold a candle to real sailing. It still looks more like the boats are floating over the water surface instead of creating realistic waves and shadows. However, this is also a title from the AppLab - i.e., the Quest Store for experimental or not yet finished VR games in early access. The title has been available in Early Access on Steam since 2019.

According to studio MarineVerse, virtual reality is the only medium that puts game players directly in the realistic first-person view. Among other things, the title is meant to attract real sailing enthusiasts with a penchant for simulations so that they can compete with each other. The Quest version already offers support for haptic vests from bHaptics as well as motion simulators from Yaw VR.

The standard version of MarineVerse Cup costs $16.79 (Steam, there is currently a 50 percent discount on it) and $19.99 (Quest Store). It features timed races, mini-games, and a practice challenge that changes daily. There are worldwide leaderboards for all three modes. In addition, there are sailing tutorials for yachts and dinghies.


MarineVerse Cup: Pricing and Subscription

As it turns out, though, it's not just real sailing that can get expensive. The multiplayer (solo and co-op), pro-racing, and the "Waszp" class are only available with a "Sailing Pass". You will have to pay $10.95 per month or $85.95 per year in the Steam Store.

Via Patreon, there are even offers for monthly $43.50 (incl. Discord benefits) up to $2,586.50 (for racing teams and companies). On Steam, some expansions and bundles are additionally available, including a relaxation mode and an arctic regatta.

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