Varjo Aero discontinued, support continues until 2025

Varjo Aero discontinued, support continues until 2025

The high-end Varjo Aero headset is no longer sold through the Varjo webstore. We asked Varjo and received a statement.


Varjo's webstore page recently stated that the product was out of stock, but now it is no longer accessible. Varjo instead redirects to reseller offers.

We contacted Varjo and received the following response:

Our webstore inventory for Varjo Aeros is now permanently sold out. Varjo Aero is still available through our selected resellers globally, and we will continue to support Aero through the end of 2025. We are now focusing our manufacturing efforts on producing the XR-4 series of headsets, our latest professional-grade virtual and mixed reality devices announced in November 2023.


No successor to the Varjo Aero announced

Varjo Aero is the first consumer-oriented VR headset from the Finnish company. It was launched in 2021 and still offers one of the highest resolution PC VR headset displays on the market with 2,880 x 2,720 pixels per eye. This makes it ideal for sim fans who have a powerful enough computer.

Ben admired the image quality of the headset in his Varjo Aero review, but also saw shortcomings such as distortion at the edges of the image and the lack of an integrated audio solution.


The price at launch was $2,000 (not including base station and VR controller). In September 2023, Varjo cut the price in half, apparently to clear out inventory.

Varjo's statement suggests that the company will focus on the B2B business for the time being. The new XR-4 series starts at $4,000 and will initially be sold only to corporate customers.

It is unclear at this time if a successor to the Varjo Aero is planned. The headset did not sell well enough to appear in Valve's SteamVR stats.