High-end VR headset Varjo Aero is now available for half the price

High-end VR headset Varjo Aero is now available for half the price

Varjo cuts the price of its first consumer VR headset, Varjo Aero, in half. This makes high-end VR much more affordable.

Varjo announces a permanent 50 percent price cut for its high-end Varjo Aero VR headset. The price thus drops from originally just under $2.000 to now $990 – before tax. You can now order the Varjo Aero from the official Varjo Store or at selected dealers.

Significant Price Reduction for High-End VR

The Varjo Aero is the Finnish premium manufacturer's first VR headset for the consumer market. Until now, the company has focused primarily on business customers. With the permanent price reduction, the entry barrier for professional VR will be significantly lower.

The Varjo Aero offers the sharpest image of all comparable VR headsets with 35 pixels per degree. In our test, the clear and crisp image with a huge sweet spot and without god-rays or glare was convincing. The VR headset is also very comfortable to wear for several hours. The precise tracking is perfect for VR simulations. The only criticism is that the image curves slightly at the edges when moving.


Varjo gives away a VR headset

To celebrate the two year anniversary of the Varjo Aero, Varjo held an "Aeroversary Webinar" today. Among the topics discussed were the differences between real and virtual racing, highlights of sim racing and flight simulation rigs, and the benefits of using VR for both professional and recreational players. Varjo also raffled a Varjo Aero among all participants.

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