High-end VR for the US Army: Varjo becomes technology partner

High-end VR for the US Army: Varjo becomes technology partner

The US Army chooses Finnish XR expertise. Varjo's high-resolution VR/AR headsets will be used for pilot training.

Finnish XR company Varjo is partnering with the U.S. Army to provide VR/AR headsets for the Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) Air Program. The collaboration aims to provide mixed reality training scenarios for Apache, Chinook and Blackhawk helicopter pilots.

High-end VR for Army pilot training

The VR headsets from Finnish manufacturer Varjo have always been characterized by very high resolution, making them ideal for simulations. Last summer, Varjo announced a “racing simulation with maximum immersion”.

Varjo worked with the simulator experts at Simcube and used the Varjo Aero VR headset. For the mixed reality training of the US pilots, Varjo works with Cole Engineering to tailor the simulator's software and hardware components to the XR experience.

Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition will become the U.S. Army's XR headset

The XR training programs will use the Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition. Its high resolution and video pass-through technology is said to allow pilots to experience a fully immersive training environment where they can interact with physical controls in real time.


The U.S. Army expects Varjo's technology to bring greater efficiency to pilot training. “Mixed Reality technologies can lower overall defense training costs, increase training flexibility, and improve adaptability to any operational environment,” says Seppo Aaltonen, Varjo's Chief Commercial Officer.

The U.S. Army's RVCT program is just one of more than 70 immersive defense training programs worldwide using Varjo's hardware and software solutions.

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