Sony got more PSVR 2 games up its sleeve, including Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber

Sony got more PSVR 2 games up its sleeve, including Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber

Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber are coming to Playstation VR 2, and Sony has more surprises up its sleeve for the launch of the VR headset.

There are two absolute must-have games that Playstation boss Jim Ryan announced at Sony's CES press conference: Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber.

The popular racing game will get a VR mode for the launch of the Playstation VR 2, which will appear as a free upgrade of the 2D version. Consequently, fans will only be asked to pay once, provided they own the PS5 version of Gran Turismo 7. It is not known how extensive the PSVR2 support will be. The clip shown is from the campaign and lets us hope that the entire game will be available in VR.

The second major title expected to be released but only now confirmed is Beat Saber, which is by far the most successful VR game. Ryan said the title is in development for Playstation VR 2. He did not confirm whether it will be released at the VR headset's launch. Sony plans to announce more in time, according to Ryan.

More VR games coming at launch than expected

But that's far from all Sony has up its sleeve for Playstation VR 2. While it previously said that more than 20 VR games would be ready for launch, Jim Ryan announced at CES that fans can look forward to more than 30 launch titles.

Our list of PSVR2 games announced so far lists around 20 launch games, which means Sony is far from revealing all launch titles. Playstation VR 2 will be released on February 22, 2023, and according to the official website, the full list of launch titles will be announced soon.


A potential system seller that should not be missing from this list is Half-Life: Alyx. We will have to wait and see if Sony and Valve were able to negotiate a deal and the VR game will come for Playstation VR 2 at launch or at a later point.

PS5 reaches new milestone

Ryan also said that more than 30 million PS5 consoles have been sold to consumers and that it should be easy to buy a device in stores from now on.

This is also good news for Playstation VR 2. The larger the install base, the larger the potential PSVR2 customer base. There were probably around 45 million consoles of the PS4 in circulation when the first Playstation VR was launched in October 2016.

You can watch Jim Ryan's announcements in the following video excerpt from the CES press conference.

You can pre-order Playstation VR 2 directly from Sony or from retailers. The VR system consisting of a VR headset and two Sense controllers starts at 599.99 Euros.