Half-Life: Alyx coming to PSVR 2 - the rumors so far

Half-Life: Alyx coming to PSVR 2 - the rumors so far

Will Half-Life: Alyx be released for the Playstation VR 2? There have been quite a few rumors over the past few years. The story so far.

Half-Life: Alyx is considered one of the best VR games of all time, and thanks to the power of its name, even gamers who have nothing to do with virtual reality are taking notice.

The VR game was released in March 2020 for PC VR-compatible VR headsets and exclusively on Steam. But even back then, Valve designer Greg Coomer hinted that it wouldn't necessarily stay that way.

The "initial release" of Half-Life: Alyx will "only be available for SteamVR," Coomer told Pushsquare. When asked about Playstation VR, the designer said, "We believe Sony’s VR platform has been a huge success for the medium, and we assume that lots of Sony customers would love to experience this new chapter of Half-Life."

While a port for Playstation VR is not in development because they are focused on the initial release, Valve has "not ruled anything out," Coomer said.

A win-win for Sony and Valve

That Half-Life: Alyx never appeared for Playstation VR is no surprise: The PS4 (Pro) simply lacks the power to implement Valve's vision of Half-Life: Alyx.

Since Sony announced the Playstation VR 2 in February 2021, the question has been whether Half-Life: Alyx will be released for Sony's new VR headset. It would be a win-win situation: Valve could earn more from the game and Sony would have another system seller for Playstation VR 2. An agreement with Valve would not be that unlikely; after all, Sony has already published several big first-party titles on Steam.

In early 2022, Nick "Shpeshal" Baker fueled rumors of a Half-Life: Alyx for Playstation VR 2. Baker is considered a well-informed source whose predictions have often proven to be correct. On Twitter, Baker responded to whether Sony and Valve would be able to strike a deal regarding Half-Life: Alyx:


"From what I’ve been told, they have. I'm not sure when it’s happening, though. I thought this was one of those open secrets?"

New Source confirms Half-Life: Alyx for 2023

Just a few months before the launch of Playstation VR 2, there are new rumors surrounding Half-Life: Alyx and Playstation VR 2.

The website TheLeak.co refers to a trusted source that confirms that Half-Life: Alyx will be released for Playstation VR 2. Negotiations with Valve took a long time, but eventually, an agreement was reached. Sony has since secured the licensing rights for a 2023 release of the VR game.

However, Half-Life: Alyx will not be released at the VR system's launch in early 2023, the source said. Furthermore, it is not known whether it will be a remaster or an improved version of the VR game. If Half-Life: Alyx is indeed released after the Playstation VR 2 and is remastered for it, it will be three years old.

It is impossible to judge how trustworthy the source is. The website, which specializes in leaks, was launched in August and is based in Sweden.

If Half-Life: Alyx is indeed coming to Playstation VR 2, Sony should announce it in the coming months - even if it doesn't appear at the VR headset's launch. Just the confirmation that the VR game will be released for Playstation VR 2 will make the VR system more attractive for many consumers.

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