Sky Strikers combines Gorilla Tag, Rocket League, and Quidditch

Sky Strikers combines Gorilla Tag, Rocket League, and Quidditch

Fans of fast VR sports games should take a look at Sky Strikers. The Quest and SteamVR title mixes rocket jumping, climbing, and soccer.

The VR surprise hit Gorilla Tag and Echo VR (unfortunately no longer playable as of August) now have an alternative. Sky Strikers is now available for free for Quest and PC VR. The whimsical arena sport mixes several popular concepts.

The elevated arena is reminiscent of Rocket League or Quidditch, the broom-flying ballgame of the Harry Potter universe. From the grass, you "boost" yourself onto floating platforms with rocket power to send the ball into the goal with baseball-style bats. Alternatively, you can "shoot" the ball into the goal with bonus rockets. Climb walls and niches using motion control movements similar to those in Gorilla Tag.

Nimble VR sports for Quest and SteamVR

"Watch the ball soar through the sky, anticipate its trajectory, and make your move," the description reads.  "With a powerful boost from your rocket, you'll soar into the air and make your strike."

Up to six players compete online playing by different sets of game rules, without ranking games for the time being. The developers emphasize the relaxed atmosphere of the virtual reality game, which is apparently also intended as a social online meeting place.


Quest users can download the VR game in Early Access for free from the Sidequest store (sideloading & Sidequest guide).

On Steam, there is also a "Supporter Pack" in addition to the free version. It only contains an additional ice cream skin, but supports further development with $5.99. Behind the game is the six-person Chamber 8 Studio, which developed the current version in just ten weeks, according to the description on Sidequest.

Resolution Games offers a similar experience with Ultimechs (review). In this VR sports game, which is also free, you dash across the ground at lightning speed and only let remote-controlled rocket fists fly through the air. This implementation should probably be much easier on the stomach than the fast climbing and rocket jumping in Sky Strikers.

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