Popular free VR game Echo VR discontinued on Quest 2

Popular free VR game Echo VR discontinued on Quest 2

One of the more popular multiplayer VR games is closing its doors. Ready at Dawn announced a server shutdown schedule in Echo VR.

Available for free, Echo VR has become one of the most renowned VR online games since its release in 2017. It also has a home on the MIXED list of best VR games for Quest 2.

The weightless gliding across the playing fields is borrowed from the VR adventure classic Lone Echo series, both by the studio Ready at Dawn. The locomotion fits so well with virtual reality that the ball game Echo Arena and the shooter mode Echo Combat gained a foothold in e-sports, for example in the VR Master League (VRML).

In the summer of 2023, however, the sporting VR matches end. Ready At Dawn announced that it will shut down the multiplayer servers on August 1, shocking many fans. The VR game is available for Meta Quest and Rift, and Ready at Dawn is part of Meta's studio family.

The end of a renowned VR game

"Echo VR will continue to run until 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on August 1, 2023, at which time servers and services will be shut down, preventing further play," the announcement on Medium.com said.

It said the decision was difficult but had many good reasons. The most important of which, he said, is that the entire studio is joining forces to focus on its next project: "We can't reveal anything about it yet, but we're all very excited and need all hands on deck."


As a small compensation, there will be free rewards from the previous Seasons. As of yet, the start date for Season 7 is unknown. Once it begins, everyone who plays at least one match in Echo Combat or Arena will receive the following rewards:

  • "All 'Epic + Superb rarity chassis/booster/bracer' sets from Echo Pass (Seasons 1-6).
    - Season 7 rewards to be announced later
  • All chassis variants
  • All non-3D rewards from Echo Pass Seasons 1-6
    - Season 7 rewards to be announced later
  • All Echo Shop items
    - Starter bundle included
  • All event rewards to date
  • Some not yet released Rewards"

Not included, for example, are rewards within the VRML League. Also, various legendary sets are not free but have reduced prices.

All purchasable add-ons and game currency packs are already gone from the store on January 31, 2023, "including Echo Combat, the Starter Bundle, and Echo Points." Click here for the FAQ on Echo VR's closure.

Echo VR: the store is closing its doors

For now, it's unclear if the studio's new project is a successor that could replace the current game (perhaps for the planned Meta Quest 3?). Besides Echo Combat, there are other surprisingly good free games for Meta Quest. Here we go to our tips for the best free VR games that will remain playable for free for even longer.