Rooms of Realities: VR Escape Rooms with Meta's Avatars

Rooms of Realities: VR Escape Rooms with Meta's Avatars

The VR game Rooms of Realities combines several escape rooms into one big story - cooperatively if desired.

Whether it's creepy grottos or hidden chambers with a giant skull sculpture: The VR game Rooms of Realities combines several mysterious locations into one overarching story. The puzzle adventure has been announced for SteamVR and will be released there in Early Access later this year.

Developer Bluekey and publisher Gamedust (Yupitergrad 2) mention a whole anthology - that is, a collection of playable VR stories. Players start as a secret agent, detective or adventurer to investigate the disappearance of a certain person in an abandoned hospital. Obviously, a mysterious Secret Service has its fingers in the pie.

Cooperative escape for SteamVR

The VR game starts with three interconnected locations that can also be explored cooperatively. The number of players is not yet known, but the developers promise an authentic virtual reality escape room atmosphere for your home.

The other adventures take players to a pyramid and Captain Nemo's lair deep under the sea. There they pull levers, untangle rope puzzles, and examine mystical stone artifacts that resemble portals.

In the trailer, players can be seen throwing objects across the room with pinpoint accuracy. In this way, they deliver useful items like candles to their partners.


Is Rooms of Realities coming to Meta Quest 2?

During your adventures together, the other players will be visible as Meta's new VR avatars. A native implementation for Meta Quest 2 seems likely, although it hasn't been officially announced yet.

On Steam, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are listed as supported VR headsets. You can use Rooms of Realities directly with Meta Quest (2) via Meta Link or Air Link.

According to the Steam description, the basic game mechanics should be ready for the launch of the Early Access version. The more sophisticated full version will follow two to three months later, with new maps, modes and challenges, cloud saves, achievements and leaderboards. The price should remain the same.

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