Yupitergrad 2: This fast-paced VR game turns you into Space Spider-Man

Yupitergrad 2: This fast-paced VR game turns you into Space Spider-Man

Yupitergrad is one of the more creative VR games with unique swing controls. Part 2 shifts the action to an open world.

In the VR game Yupitergrad (2020), hobby heroes swing through dieselpunk-style space stations like Spider-man would. The obscure story relies on Slavic humor, Soviet space design and puzzling platform stunts.

With Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, developer Gamedust extends the principle to a twisted Metroidvania-style world. The freshly announced virtual reality game with a comic book look is soon to be released for Meta Quest and SteamVR.

Yupitergrad 2: Plunging through a more open space station

This time, the space adventure encourages players to search for upgrades in an open game world. These "unique gagdets" are not yet described in detail. As usual in the Metroidvania genre, the expanded arsenal opens up access to new areas of the space station.


Since gravity on the station is low, players can bridge wide chasms with small nozzles on their wrists. Little machine guns are also located in the same place behind the hands. In the trailer, they are mainly used to disintegrate drones hovering and crawling on the ceiling. Larger mecha-like metal beasts are also featured in the trailer. In the predecessor, the developers boasted of a low risk of motion sickness despite the sweeping locomotion.

Acrobatic VR games for Meta Quest 2 & Co.

If you're in the mood for even more VR acrobatics, you should make a note of the breakneck Super Kit: To The Top. The sequel to the VR classic To the Top has only been announced for PlayStation VR for now and focuses on jumps, punches and wall runs. Already available are the wild stunt courses in Sprint Vector, Windlands 1 & 2, Stride, and Outlier.

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