Rocking Legend is Guitar Hero World Tour in virtual reality - try it out now for free

Rocking Legend is Guitar Hero World Tour in virtual reality - try it out now for free

In Rocking Legend you become a rock star in Virtual Reality. A free demo lets you experience the virtual stage now.


In Rocking Legend, you play guitar or drums in dynamic VR environments. The gameplay is similar to classic music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band: you have to hit the right "notes" to the beat of a song coming at you.

There are several ways to control the virtual guitar: Finger-based tracking (currently only with Valve Index controllers), hand tracking with classic or advanced modes, and keyboard and gamepad support. Your old Guitar Hero plastic guitars are also supported. For the drums, you can adjust the height and position of each virtual part, choose between two visualization modes, and optionally use a kick drum.

Rocking Legend includes 18 songs composed especially for the game, adapted for different levels and difficulty and grouped by instrument. You can also play your own songs created with external tools. There are three game modes: Campaign to learn the basics, Free Play to customize your experience, and Multiplayer for cooperative or competitive play. There are also global leaderboards for high-score hunters.

Free demo of Early Access version now available

Rocking Legend has been available in Early Access on Steam since 2020 and costs $21. With the recently released demo, you can now get a taste of the Guitar Hero alternative for free. It includes access to the central hub, the free play mode with three tracks, several options for drums and guitar, an insight into the campaign with the first levels and tutorials, as well as a reduced selection of gameplay modifiers and a stage.


It is not yet clear when Rocking Legend will leave Early Access and whether versions for mobile VR headsets such as Meta Quest 3 will be released. According to Studio Domuro Soft, the latest update #30 could be the release candidate for version 1.0, but this would not mean the end of support.


More Guitar Hero alternatives in VR

If you are looking for real alternatives to the once immensely popular console music games Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you will find other similarly structured VR games in addition to Rocking Legend. In Unplugged: Air Guitar puts you on the virtual stage as an air guitar player. The game was originally released for Meta Quest and relied on hand tracking without additional controllers.

Now there are controller-assisted versions for PC-VR and PSVR 2, featuring many popular songs from rock subgenres such as classic rock, indie rock, and hard rock. If you're more of a drummer, Smash Drums might be your thing. Here, you can drum your way through numerous rock songs in different virtual environments on a virtual drum set.

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