Quest Pro: Packaging leaked, unboxing shows headset design

Quest Pro: Packaging leaked, unboxing shows headset design

A hotel employee finds a Quest Pro and shoots the first unboxing video of Meta's next VR headset.

Yesterday evening, two pictures of the find first made the rounds. They show the packaging and the lettering "Meta Quest Pro", which should now confirm the official name of the product.

The finder, a man named Ramiro Cardenas, posted the images on a Facebook group for Quest 2 fans. It was later followed by a one-minute Facebook reel showing a hasty unboxing.

There's a sticker on the packaging that reads, "Not for resale - Technical sample." These are likely developer kits that a developer left at the hotel. Cardenas previously wrote that a man left the valuable device at the hotel. Later, it was said that the VR headsets were returned to the rightful owner. Apparently, he found several packages at once.

Slim visor like design

According to the packaging, the Quest Pro comes standard with 256 gigabytes of storage. The headset's design matches leaked blueprints and a rendering that Brad Lynch created in April after one of his sources showed him a picture of the device.

The video confirms the headset's slim design thanks to so-called pancake lenses. It also shows the new VR controllers and the charging station for the headset and input devices.


The industry analyst and Youtuber leaked many details over the past few months, including the full specifications. You can read them in our info article about Project Cambria. Project Cambria is Meta's codename for the device.

Quest Pro will be costly

Quest Pro will be launched in October, Mark Zuckerberg has already confirmed that. The last big question is how much the device will cost.

Meta has announced that Quest Pro will be significantly more expensive than $800. Mark Zuckerberg puts the headset in the price range of a PC, while Brad Lynch's sources speak of $1,500.

That would make the headset nearly four times the price of the Meta Quest 2. But it will have premium features like a high-quality passthrough, a slimmer and more comfortable design, and face and eye tracking.

Meta has made it clear from the start that the new product line is aimed at professional users, enthusiasts, and businesses who are willing to pay more for Meta's most advanced virtual reality technologies.

Sources: Unboxing via Facebook