Project Cambria: Leaked schematics reveal new tech details

Project Cambria: Leaked schematics reveal new tech details
VR-Analyst Brad Lynch publishes technical drawings of Project Cambria. A look at the bare headset reveals something new about the technology.

The schematics are supposed to show the final version of the headset, which will be launched in the fall according to earlier reports.

Brad Lynch had previously reported in detail about the device. He showed phantom renderings of the headset and listed Cambria's technical features. Our Cambria info article summarizes all the information and rumors about the headset so far.

Cambria's schematics provide new insights into hardware

Lynch posted the images on his Patreon page and analyzed them in a separate article. He names a number of new details that can be gleaned from the schematics:

  • On the right side, you can see a power cable that connects the battery on the back of the headset to the electronics of the case.
  • Also visible are the volume control buttons and jack connectors on both sides for headphones on the bottom of the head mount.
  • There is a clip on the left side of the head mount that is presumably for routing the Oculus Link cable.
  • The schematics confirm that the casing is relatively slim and that the battery is housed in the back of the head mount. Both should contribute to higher comfort while wearing the device.
  • The headset apparently has two dials: one in the back of the head mount for its adjustment and one on the top of the headset. The latter can possibly be used to adjust the distance between the lenses and the eyes.
  • The distance between the lenses is adjusted manually, similar to Quest 2, but continuously instead of just in a few steps, according to Lynch's sources.
  • The schematics show the new sensor architecture on the front of the body: two black-and-white cameras for the stereo image, a 16-megapixel color camera for post-colorization of the image, and an IR projector for depth sensing. The latter is supposed to improve hand tracking, among other things.
Geleaktes Schema zeigt Project Cambria zeigt das Stromkabel.

The schematic shows a power cable hanging out. | Image: Brad Lynch

Geleaktes Schema zeigt Project Cambria von oben mit zwei Einstellrädern.

The two control dials. | Image: Brad Lynch

Geleaktes Schema zeigt Project Cambria von vorne samt Sensorarchitektur.

The new sensor architecture. | Image: Brad Lynch

Speculation: Meta changed headset alignment at the last minute

At the end of his Patreon article, Lynch speculates on the technical direction and development of the headset.

Lynch believes that Project Cambria was originally designed for much less and should have been a Quest Pro rather than a general purpose device and laptop replacement. After Meta caught wind of the technical features of the upcoming Apple headset, the launch was delayed at the last minute and the capabilities of the device were expanded and improved, Lynch speculates.


He also heard rumors that Meta's CTO Andrew Bosworth was not happy with the state of Cambria and that it was Zuckerberg who pushed for a launch this year. Meta's CEO is touting Cambria as a work device to replace Chromebooks and laptops. However, the headset's resolution is rumored to not be high enough to be viable for office work in VR. Apple's headset is rumored to have 4K OLED microdisplays.

You can read the complete leak including more pictures for free on Brad Lynch's Patreon page.

Sources: Brad Lynch Patreon