The Quest Pro deserves a second chance - as a Valve Index upgrade

The Quest Pro deserves a second chance - as a Valve Index upgrade

Looking for an upgrade to Valve Index? Surprisingly, Meta Quest Pro is becoming an increasingly interesting option.


Valve Index has long been considered the best PC VR headset on the market, and maybe it still is if you don't mind the outdated displays.

As the headset approaches its fourth birthday, PC VR enthusiasts who want to keep up with the times are inevitably asking for a worthy upgrade that brings the technology up to 2023 standards.

The most obvious candidate is the revamped HP Reverb G2 from 2022. The PC VR headset has higher-resolution displays built in, comes with Valve's high-quality speakers, and relies on easy-to-use inside-out tracking.

New lenses, better contrast

With the Meta Quest Pro's price permanently lowered from $1,500 to $1,000, Meta's device is starting to appeal to PC VR enthusiasts.


The highly acclaimed pancake lenses deliver an image you won't find elsewhere in this price range. This week's addition of PC VR support for local dimming further enhances the Meta Quest Pro's image quality, raising it above the level of conventional LC displays such as in the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2.

There is no uncompressed data transfer, but you can play wirelessly using Air Link or Virtual Desktop. These older devices don't have this option.

An upgrade in many respects

The slimmer form factor and the included self-tracking Quest Touch Pro controllers can also be seen as an upgrade.

It's true that the Meta Quest Pro uses a chip that will be replaced soon by a much more powerful model later this year. But for PC VR enthusiasts, this is not a big deal since they will be using the headset primarily with their PC.



If Meta were to succeed in unlocking foveated rendering for PC VR, the Meta Quest Pro would be a true next-generation VR headset. However, there is no sign of this happening yet.

Upcoming PC VR alternatives to Meta Quest Pro

Possible alternatives to the Meta Quest Pro include the HTC Vive XR Elite ($1,100) and the wired but ultra-slim Bigscreen Beyond ($1,000), which requires additional base stations and VR controllers. Accessories that Valve Index users:in should already have at home. However, we will have to wait for reviews as both devices have not been released yet.

With the recent price reduction, the Meta Quest Pro definitely deserves a second chance. At least as a PC VR headset.

On top of that, you get the Quest Store with all the Quest apps and the Mixed Reality capabilities. All in all, not a bad deal - if only there wasn't the upcoming Quest 3.


Meta Quest 3 will be released at the end of the year and will feature the same pancake lenses, a high-quality pass-through mode, and a chip that is at least twice as fast. In addition, Meta's new XR headset should be less expensive.

However, the Quest 3's specifications and price have yet to be confirmed. Until then, the Quest Pro could be an attractive PC VR solution.

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