Meta Quest Pro gets a hefty price cut

Meta Quest Pro gets a hefty price cut

Quest Pro hasn't been as successful as Meta had hoped. Now Meta is cutting the price by a third.

The device went on sale in October 2022 for $1,500. In January of this year, the device was discounted to $1,100 for two weeks. Now, a permanent price reduction to $1,000 US follows.

The price reduction will be effective March 5 in the United States and Canada and March 15 in all other countries where Meta Quest Pro is sold: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and UK.

The 256GB SKU of the Meta Quest 2 will also see a permanent price drop. The VR headset will now cost $430 instead of $500. The new price will apply to all countries where the headset is sold starting March 5.

Meta Quest Pro has seen restrained enthusiasm

The Meta Quest Pro had received mediocre reviews after its launch. Some aspects of the headset stood out positively (pancake lenses, self-tracking controllers), while others disappointed (comfort, software support). The high price seemed inappropriate to reviewers, but apparently also to the potential target audience: enthusiasts, professional users, and businesses.

Today, The Verge reporter Alex Heath wrote in his Command Line newsletter that, according to Meta, the headset has seen "underwhelming sales" and that the company has canned a planned second generation of the headset.


A potential successor, codenamed La Jolla, is unlikely to be released before 2025, according to a hardware roadmap that was leaked by Heath this week.

Quest Pro might be worth it now

The drastic price cut could change Meta Quest Pro's value proposition. With the included Quest Touch Pro controllers, which can be purchased separately for $300, the headset is now valued at $700.

Meta Quest 3, which will be released in the fall, will also affect the value of the Meta Quest Pro. The VR headset is expected to feature the same high-quality pancake lenses as the Meta Quest Pro, as well as a much faster SoC. All this at a lower price than the Meta Quest Pro.

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