PSVR 2 launch gets closer, more Apple XR rumors

PSVR 2 launch gets closer, more Apple XR rumors

Our weekly recap: Sony shows off more games for Playstation VR 2, while rumors continue to swirl about Apple's headset.

Sony's Playstation VR 2 is almost here

Playstation VR 2 will be released at the end of February, bringing with it several ports of older PSVR 1 games. The developer studios involved in the ports say that they will offer more than just PS5 compatibility. Some ports should have the feel of new games.

Sony also wants to show more Playstation VR 2 games before the launch. Will they make more use of eye tracking as a gameplay element than the games announced so far?

Apple headset could underwhelm

Rumors about Apple's XR headset are heating up - a sign of an imminent announcement? Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has been leaking information for years, dampens the euphoria ahead: he thinks the headset could bomb. According to Gurman, it suffers from the same problems as other XR devices - no real killer app and too much hassle. Rudimentary no-code AR apps created by users via voice commands are unlikely to solve this problem.

Still, the device could be interesting as a demonstrator in Apple stores to educate people about XR technology that might one day make its way into everyday devices. There is a vision in Apple's management that one day a headset will unite and replace the iPhone and the Mac, Gurman said.

Among Us VR and Gorilla Tag generate millions in sales

The PC and console hit Among Us is also generating millions in VR sales. In less than ten weeks, the game has sold over a million copies. The team behind the viral VR hit Gorilla Tag also let us look into their pockets: It made $26 million from in-app purchases alone.


These two examples show that there is money to be made in VR. The question is whether and to what extent these examples are exceptional.

Is ChatGPT making the social bot dystopia a reality?

ChatGPT-generated content is making its way to Twitter. Are we in for the wave of manipulative, democracy-threatening bots that has been predicted for years? With advanced text AI systems, the social bot dystopia could become a reality.

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