PSVR 2 doesn't support PSVR 1 games, but there's hope

PSVR 2 doesn't support PSVR 1 games, but there's hope

Update September 18, 2022:

Sony manager Hideaki Nishino ruled out standard backwards compatibility from PSVR 2 to PSVR 1 (see story below) - but not the possibility of patches and ports. Development studios could theoretically update their existing PSVR games for PSVR 2 and the PS5 via patch or release a revised version.

The YouTube channel "PSVR Without Parole" states that this is exactly what is happening right now, with "tons of devs" working on PSVR 2 versions of their PSVR 1 games right now.

The channel is usually well-informed and has mostly been right with PSVR predictions in the past, leaking technical specs such as haptics in the headset, resolution, or integrated finger tracking sensors well before Sony's official announcement.

Original article from September 16, 2022:

Can owners of the first Playstation VR play their old games on the new PSVR 2? Sony gives an answer to this question.

Sony's SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino has a bad answer on the official Playstation podcast for those hoping for PSVR 2 backwards compatibility with PSVR 1: "PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR 2, because PSVR 2 is designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience."

So buyers of the first PSVR won't be able to launch their game portfolio directly with the new Playstation VR 2 and enjoy VR gems like Astro Bot Rescue Mission again in higher quality.


PSVR 2 has too many new features

Some PSVR users had already expected that the feature-packed PSVR 2 would not offer backwards compatibility, at least not at the hardware's launch. Some hoped that the old technology could at least be emulated on the new headset, for example with later patches.

Nothing of the sort seems to be planned for the foreseeable future, as the systems are simply too different, according to Nishino: "PSVR2 has much more other features like all-new controllers with haptics feedback and adaptive triggers (…) and inside-out tracking, eye tracking, 3D audio, HDR of course."

PSVR 1, on the other hand, tracks the VR headset with a front-facing camera placed in front of the TV. The input methods with the classic Dualshock 4 controller as well as the early Playstation Move motion controllers also differ significantly from the new haptic VR controllers of the PSVR 2.

You can still play PSVR 1 games on PS5, but it's complicated

However, there is still a way to enjoy some PSVR 1 games in prettier shape on the Playstation 5. Owners of the old VR headset can request a free adapter from Sony to connect their old PS4 camera and headset to the PS5.

Technically, PSVR games are backward-compatible PS4 titles after all. However, you will need the appropriate VR hardware, such as the Playstation 4 controller and camera, to run them.

The corresponding passage about the lack of backwards compatibility can be found in the official Playstation podcast starting at minute 29:10.

Recently, some magazines were able to test PSVR 2 for the first time: You can find an overview of the first previews of games like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village behind the link.

The Playstation VR 2 will be released in early 2023 at a yet unknown price.

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