Playstation VR 2: Ex-Valve manager is impressed

Playstation VR 2: Ex-Valve manager is impressed

Chet Faliszek describes how he experienced Playstation VR 2. It's the first testimonial we have of the new VR headset.

"Had one of those VR moments today playing in the new PSVR 2. You know where the world just feels different when you return?"

Faliszek uses these words to describe his first experience with Sony's new VR headset. And appends, "Sooooo good."

Sony to show Playstation VR 2 at GDC

Faliszek worked at Valve for twelve years, where he shaped the studio's style and humor as a writer. Brands Faliszek was involved with include Half-Life, Portal and Left 4 Dead. Faliszek is a VR enthusiast and was Valve's VR ambassador during the early years of the VR hype. In 2017, Faliszek left the company and later founded his own studio called Stray Bombay, which develops co-op games, albeit for 2D formats.


In his tweet, he thanks Shuhei Yoshida and Greg Rice for the PSVR2 demo. Yoshida is the former head of Sony's game studios who now supports independent developers. Greg Rice has a similar role as Head of Playstation Creators.

Since Faliszek is at the Game Developers Conference 2022 currently underway, it's safe to assume Sony is giving demos of Playstation VR 2 behind closed doors.

More PSVR2 info coming soon?

There's also a GDC talk on the VR system today, where Unity developers can learn how to develop next-gen games for Playstation VR 2. The talk will cover the VR headset's "improved graphics performance" and "premium hardware" among other things.

Sony might reveal new details about the device or show new VR games in advance. So far, only Horizon: Call of the Mountain has been announced.

We already know the specifications and the appearance of the Playstation VR 2. The two biggest unknowns are when the VR system will be launched and how much it will cost.

GDC would offer a good occasion to reveal these important dates. Also, historically: The price and release month of the first Playstation VR were announced at GDC 2016.

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