Phasmophobia: VR update brings immersion boost

Phasmophobia: VR update brings immersion boost

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games is currently revising the most important movements for VR players.

Some things about the cooperative PC horror game Phasmophobia seem rather unintentionally creepy because the controls were primarily designed for ghost hunting in front of the monitor. A typical example are VR players that waddle across the floor in a strangely bent posture. So far, they cannot crouch or stand up again just by pressing a button.

A fix is finally in the works: Developer Kinetic Games is currently reworking many of the movement mechanics of the Early Access game in virtual reality. On Twitter, the studio explained that the upcoming update will bring an optional sitting mode as well as a virtual squat at the touch of a button. So you won't have to play standing up and bending down to the candles of a pentagram when needed.

Improved handling in Phasmophobia

In addition, the operation of light switches, hand poses, and stowing objects will be improved. You will be able to place objects more conveniently on your waist belt.

If you've been annoyed by the somewhat fiddly grab in the past, you might be happy to hear about another new feature: the revamped Grab Selection UI apparently lets you place the selection marker more precisely. For example, if there are several flashlights lined up on a shelf, you can move the grab marker with your open hand to the exact lamp you want to pick up.


A date for the update has not been set yet, but according to the Trello task list for Phasmophobia, it is already in the testing phase.

No full body in SteamVR for the time being

When a Twitter user expressed disappointment that VR players would only see floating hands even after the patch, the lead artist "@_cjdxn" replied: "We will be attempting a full IK rig for 1st person view when we update the player models." For now, however, that would mean far too much work, the lead artist said on Twitter.

The horror game with SteamVR support already caused a bit of hype around its cooperative ghost hunt with creepy atmosphere at its Early Access launch in September 2020. Up to four PC players explore a haunted house together.

There they use all sorts of gadgets and surveillance cameras to track down paranormal creatures and finally call the ghost hunters. Thanks to cross-play support, it doesn't matter how many participants take part in front of the monitor or with the VR headset.

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