New AR headset makes design reviews quick and painless

New AR headset makes design reviews quick and painless

Campfire announced a high-end AR headset and integrated system for collaborative 3D work with support for iPad, Mac, and PC also.

This enterprise-focused solution is meant to simplify communication and design review. The best way to view 3D objects is with an AR or VR headset, allowing you to walk around and view a product from any angle as if it were real.

Campfire set out to make 3D collaboration as easy as communicating on 2D projects. The result is a custom package of hardware and software designed for this specific purpose.

Ease of use and top-quality

Setting up AR for executive use can be challenging, so Campfire created its own device to meet the particular needs of its early access users. Everything about Campfire is designed for high-quality augmented reality images with a simple setup.

The Campfire AR headset has a reportedly large field of view, four times that of the HoloLens 2 and wider than the Magic Leap 2. Complete specifications aren't available yet, but Campfire claims it's the "highest fidelity AR for meetings that require face-to-face communications."

Campfire's AR headset has a wide field of view.

Campfire's AR headset has a wide field of view. | Image: Campfire

Apps are available for the iPad, Mac, and Windows to view, markup, and comment on designs. A Meta Quest Pro version is also in progress to provide a mixed-reality view with controls similar to the Campfire AR headset.

Collaboration tools

Control when using the headset is via a hassle-free iPhone attachment called the Campfire Pack, which doesn't require Bluetooth pairing. This provides a virtual laser pointer to highlight areas of interest and target components to move, and add notes.

Another critical component is the Campfire Console, an X-shaped device that can be placed on a table, and 3D objects appear above it as full-color, interactive holograms. For car-sized models, the Studio Console is a large floor pad.

3D visualization of two Campfire AR headsets in use.

3D visualization of two Campfire AR headsets in use. | Image: Campfire

The software is compatible with over 40 3D models, scans, and point cloud types. Campfire demonstrated that exploding models, moving individual parts, and slicing from any angle is easy and intuitive. Notes and sketches can be made from the Campfire headset, an iPad, Mac, or Windows PC.

You can see an example of the iPad interface in a video that Campfire posted on Twitter.


A Windows PC with VR-ready GPU is required to use the headset, which comes with a three-meter Thunderbolt 3 cable. It's certified to work with Dell Precision Workstations.

The Campfire system is now available in the US, UK, and EU companies. A free starter account lets you try it out and see if it works for your organization before committing to a subscription.

Enterprise subscriptions with unlimited projects start at $1,500 annually. There's also a Campfire Starter Kit that includes two AR headsets, packs, and consoles, along with one Studio Console. Three iPad, Mac, and PC users can collaborate as part of this package.

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