Netflix sends Ryan Reynolds through time in this sci-fi thriller

Netflix sends Ryan Reynolds through time in this sci-fi thriller

Netflix reveals new images from the star-studded sci-fi film The Adam Project. What can you expect in the time travel thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldaña and Mark Ruffalo?

In "The Adam Project," Ryan Reynolds travels back in time. Together with a younger version of himself and his actually long-dead father, the badly injured Adam must save the world. Via Twitter, Netflix now shared first scene images of the upcoming science-fiction thriller.

The Adam Project: Ryan Reynolds meets his younger self

Adam Reed embarks on a daring rescue mission that catapults him 27 years into the past. In search of his girlfriend Laura (Zoe Saldaña), who has mysteriously disappeared in the space-time continuum, his ship is damaged and brings him back to the year 2022.

The injured pilot seeks out his home and meets his twelve-year-old self. While the younger incarnation is still in deep mourning over his recently deceased father, the older version has long since come to terms with the tragedy.

Adam and Adam become reluctant allies, trying together to repair the ship and resume the journey. To find Laura, Adam needs the help of the scientist who made time travel possible in the first place: his father.


After Free Guy: Next collaboration between Reynolds and Levy

Deadpool actor Reynolds and director Shawn Levy are old acquaintances and last worked together on the sci-fi comedy Free Guy, which was based on the video game GTA Online. "This character [Adam] is night-and-day different from the character Ryan played for me in our last movie," Levy told Vanity Fair.

Blue Shirt Guy, he said, is a deeply innocent, naive boy in a man's body. Adam Reed in The Adam Project, on the other hand, is scarred by life and therefore cynical to the extreme, the director says.

The Adam Project: Netflix original with a star ensemble

The Adam Project is just loaded with stars. Alongside Reynolds are Zoe Saldaña (Guardians of the Galaxy), Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers), and Jennifer Garner (Dallas Buyers Club), among others. The focus, however, is on young Walker Scobell, who makes his film debut as twelve-year-old Adam Version.

For thirteen-year-old Walker, a dream came true during filming. According to Levy, the boy was a natural anyway, but in this case, he was especially motivated because he was a big Ryan Reynolds fan. He was particularly fond of the Deadpool films.

The Adam Project will premiere on Netflix on March 11, 2022. Until then, you can pass the time with the second season Raised by Wolves by sci-fi veteran Ridley Scott or Steven Soderbergh's cinema blockbuster Kimi.

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