Meta Quest: Popular VR tactical shooter Breachers gets more competitive as it enters Season Zero

Meta Quest: Popular VR tactical shooter Breachers gets more competitive as it enters Season Zero

Breachers received a free update with a ranking system and Season Zero — play for rewards and climb the leaderboards.


The free competitive update for the VR first-person shooter Breachers is now available and introduces a ranking system and the first season, called Season Zero. According to the developers of the game, Triangle Factory, the season will be tracked and scored like a normal season. However, adjustments can be made during the season.

With the update, there is a new "Competitive" option in the main menu of Breachers. While waiting for a competitive match, you can use the other options in the main menu. For example, you can customize skins, practice on the range, or play a casual team deathmatch.

Unlike quick play, there are no ties in competitive play. In the event of an initial tie, the team with the higher score will choose a side for another round to determine the winner. In case of another tie, sides are drawn for sudden death.

To receive a ranking and starting rank, you must first complete five competitive matches. Rank is then calculated based on performance. From then on, each match will contribute to a rise or fall in the rankings. Ranks range from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master to Global Champion.

The rewards you qualify for depend on the number of ranked matches you play and the rank you achieve during the season. The more you play and the higher your rank, the greater the rewards.



Breachers is a kind of Rainbow Six Siege in VR

Breachers is an exciting VR shooter inspired by the tactical gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. The game is being developed by Triangle Factory, the studio behind the VR shooter Hyper Dash.

In Breachers, a five-man assault team storm a laboratory complex. The defending team must prepare for the attack with gadgets, mines, and motion detectors. Weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns, and gadgets such as grenades, drones, stun traps, and active camouflage can be purchased from the in-game store before each round.

Following its release for PC-VR, Pico 4 and Meta Quest 2 in April, Breachers was also released for PSVR 2 at the end of last year. The VR game received a graphical update and support for the adaptive triggers of the Sense Controllers for Sony's VR headset.

Cross-play support allows PSVR 2 players to play with and against Meta Quest, Pico or PC VR players. Triangle Factory has already delivered two major updates since the game's release. These are also included in the PSVR 2 version, including new content such as an additional map and balance tweaks.

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